Test Preparation Outlines For Tackle Any Test - NTS, PPSC, OTS, FPSC, IBP

General instruction to tackle NTS, PPSC, etc. Tests

First of all, you should know that there are 3 different sections i.e.:

v English Section
v Math’s & IQ Section
v  General Knowledge and Current Affairs Section

English Section

v  Comprehensive paragraph
v  Synonyms
v  Antonyms
v  Sentence correction/completion
v  One-word substitution
v  Idioms

Math Section

v  Algebra
v  Statement questions
v  Series
v  Ratio
v  Proportion
v  Time distance
v  Exponentials basics
v  Number properties (prime, composite, whole etc.)
v  Age problems
v  Basic calculations
v  Aptitude questions (IQ based)
v  Large figure multiplication
v  Supposition questions
v  Relation questions (A/27, B/37, then D/? etc.)
v  LCM, HCF, Sq. Root etc.


General knowledge & current affairs Section

General knowledge
v  Longest, smallest, highest, first, largest things in Pakistan
v  Historical locations
v  National attributes of Pakistan
v  International organizations which Pakistan is a part of.
v  Dams, barrages, rivers, mountains peaks & passes, canals
v  Sports (specially Olympics)
v  Famous names for cities
v  Neighboring countries
v  Population, census, economy & sectored
v  Banking knowledge (Basic)
v  Important personalities in Pakistan (includes heads of major departments, celebrities, cabinet of Pakistan, province wise cabinet etc.)
v  Reckoned Pakistanis
v  Major country currencies and its capitals and its president and prime ministers
v  World top organization’s names, abbreviations, head office locations, formation year, and which organization make for which purpose.
Current affairs
v  Read major events of 2018-2019 in Pakistan
v  Economic events
v  Sports & Olympics news
v  State bank related news
v  Any important figure who died
v  Any incident
v  Which countries PM Visited recently
v  About news PM & Cabinet
v  Important economic events
v  Economic survey 2016-2017
v  Banking sector news
v  Economic figures
v  Population census 2017
v  Import export facts
v  China related news
v  Army news
v  Government news
v  Foreign news

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